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What is this site?

Melty Database is a simple site that helps people who like to watch Melty Blood Actress Again matches find the matches they want to watch.

Who works on this site?

Currently the staff for the site are Butterfree and Pete. Butterfree works on doing mirroring and transcribing of Melty Blood videos while Pete works on coding, functionality, and awful design choices.

What's Melty Blood?

Melty Blood is a fun, fast-paced 2-D fighting game that unfortunately never got a North American release. To learn more about Melty Blood, check out HateParade's Intro Pastebin and MeltyBread

Which channels should I select / What do channel choices represent?

What channels comprise the Misc option?

The misc option represents results from channels: yagarc, yuzupeko, kamishiro, and bevarezi. The main reason these four channels are group is because while they offer good content, there are only handfuls of videos availible and adding a checkoption per channel would clutter the already cluttered site.

What should I do if I find a match that has been misrecorded, mistimed, or doesn't work?

Report the match, when we get a second we'll check what's wrong and update it accordingly.

I noticed some of the matches have player names that are different on the video and the report doesn't have an option for this.

There are a number of players who play on clearlamp and use various IDs once. In one case we saw something like 10 different Japanese player playing F-Sion on a #2 palette on only on occassion? Of course this was all the same player, he/she just kept changing. Also J-anson really likes to change names, he has literally 20 different aliases.

Are there databases for other games?

Yes! Here are some o`````````ther databases

Any future plans?

Always. As for writing this FAQ, we have entered and catalogued almost all of the current JP MBAA 1.07 match videos and we're doing our best to keep it up to date.

Any way I can contact you guys?

If you prefer to use e-mail, shoot an e-mail to In the top corner you'll see a steam icon, most people who work on the site are from this group.

Is Melty Blood dead?

Not if you believe.