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Live Player Win Rates Across All Channels

We record stats on matches, here's what the stats are saying about players year to year:

Currently only showing highest winrate per year, rest will get added shortly I promise.

Top 15 Win Rates For 2014 (More than 10 total games played)

# Player Wins Total Win Rate
1 あぶと293290.625%
2 luckystar10011487.719%
3 あんじん283287.500%
4 たー414885.417%
5 LordKnight536384.127%
6 イヴ242982.759%
7 あり546681.818%
8 テル617581.333%
9 コウキ647981.013%
10 GO1425280.769%
11 とばり111478.571%
12 ハヤテ212777.778%
13 らくちゃん11615077.333%
14 はれ303976.923%
15 がね101376.923%